Michael Winger is a versatile musician known for his dynamic presence in a number of music scenes. Beginning his career as the songwriter, guitarist, and lead singer for the award-winning Athens, Georgia indie rock group Dayroom, the band toured relentlessly throughout the 90's in the US and Europe. The band broke up at the end of decade after releasing three albums and playing over 1,200 shows  
Winger wrote and released his first self-produced solo album "The Modern World" before moving to San Francisco to expand his career as a producer and mix engineer.  He worked with a number of independent high profile artists and producers such as Feist, Kronos Quartet, and Matt Nathanson among others. 
Transitioning seamlessly between genres, Winger later became one half of the San Francisco electro-pop comedy act Super Adventure Club with drummer and keyboardist Jake Wood. Showcasing their diverse talents by each playing two instruments simultaneously while singing in multiple languages. The duo embarked on tours across the United States and Europe, gaining a dedicated following and establishing themselves as innovative forces in the music industry. 
Currently residing in Winston Salem, North Carolina, Winger continues to evolve his musical journey, channeling his experiences and influences into crafting captivating alt-pop songs. With a rich history of musical accomplishments and a passion for pushing artistic boundaries, Michael Winger remains an artist to watch, poised to captivate audiences with his unique blend of creativity and talent.